More Paperwork!! Registering Your Guests

A few people have been in touch to ask about the process for registering holiday guests at rental properties with the local authorities. This is something that is required by law for all guests over the age of 16 and is deemed to be for reasons of security and safety for the residents of the area.

Like most things we have to comply with here in Spain, there is a set of rules, forms and a standard procedure designed to make our lives more complicated(!), so what are the basic rules and how does it work?

▶ Although it may sound a bit obvious, if your holiday let is not currently legally registered then you won’t be able to submit details to the police!! Unfortunately for you, this is now a double non-compliance for illegal renting and failure to provide the authorities with the guests’ info is against the law. Getting your property licensed is the first step to doing things correctly.

▶ The record you have to keep is known as a ‘parte de entrada de viajero’ commonly shortened to ‘parte de viajero’. This is a standard form that you can print off and have to fill in for each guest with their basic details, including their national identity document (passport, DNI etc) and other details.

▶ These have to be sequentially numbered and stored in files of between 100 and 500 sheets.

▶ You have to keep the ‘parte de viajero’ for 3 years.

▶ You have 24 hours after the guest’s arrival to communicate this information to the local authorities. This can be done in person, taking along 3 copies of each form and retaining 1 stamped, validated copy for yourself OR be transmitted telematically once you have registered with the local authorities and been given a code for your username and a password. In this case you can use the official police website to complete the guest’s data.

▶ In addition, there are many apps now that you can buy and download which allow you to scan or upload the guest’s document and complete the form and then send it automatically to the relevant authorities. These also sometimes allow guests to check in remotely and you literally don’t have to do anything! One of the most popular apps is called Partee and if you don’t mind paying the small fee, then these apps make life really easy for you or your keyholder and start at just 1€ per property, per month. 

As ever, if you have the time and the language skills (and the patience!!), then you can do all this yourself. If you don’t feel confident registering yourself with the authorities, then just drop me a line and let Murcia Solutions take care of your registration process, from start to finish, leaving you free to look after your guests.

Liz Edmiston

Murcia Solutions

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