Tourist Board Registration – Get the Basics Right
Firstly, I just want to flag up that I have a lot of sets of keys in my office that date back several years, which were left with me when I ran OwnersAway Rentals. A lot of people may have then sold/forgotten or changed their mind about renting and forgotten to collect the keys. I have tried emailing on the addresses I used to hold for the property owners, but have not had many replies, so have been unable to re-unite many of these lost keys with their homes! If you remember at some point leaving keys with me, please get in touch with a quick email or Whatsapp so I can check the box of strays for you. I really would like to make sure that these keys reach their owners, but it is proving to be a mammoth task.  I cannot keep these keys forever, so will store until the end of this year and then assume that they are no longer required and destroy.

  • Back to Tourist Board Registrations – these are increasing in number and the turn-around time seems to be getting quicker again. Some important basic points to remember about the registration process:
  • Registration is a legal requirement, not an optional extra. 
  • Registration is required for holiday homes as a Vivienda Vacacional. Country homes may fall into a different category, depending on location and distance from local amenities.
  • Providing services such as meals and other extras also puts your home into a different classification. The rules for this are stricter, as obviously providing food, meals or other services means that you have to comply with the relevant laws in the interest of your guests’ safety.  
  • If you have a key-holder who has to open up the property, they should make themselves available for the inspection, as the Inspectors Group visits together where possible and it avoids cancelled appointments and delays with the registration process.
  • The majority of my clients, (around 90%), opt for the registration pack where I manage the whole process from start to finish, from paperwork to plaque. Occasionally clients work on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and this is fine as long as you complete the process. Once you have the official code this is NOT the end of the process and you need to follow the steps outlined in the official letter, including fitting the plaque and displaying Consumer notices to comply 100%. If you have opted for this route, or even tried to do the registration yourself, PLEASE don’t leave the process half finished!! 
  • I have had a couple of people contact me recently to chase up registrations that they submitted themselves around 12-18 months ago and have not heard back with a date for an inspection. On checking out the paperwork, part complete applications and missing info meant that these probably got filed in the bin when they arrived with Turismo!! I have now re-submitted for them, but it’s important to make sure you know what you are doing, otherwise applications just get rejected.  

If you have a property you need to register in the Murcia region then please get in touch and remember I can submit paperwork for you wherever your property is in the Region of Murcia. Everything can be done via email/post from your country of residence, or you can simply meet me to sign the forms at a quick appointment. Don’t delay registration, summer is sneaking up on us!!

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