Sabrina is 8 weeks old and is adventurous and very playful. Sabrina is talkative and loves a little tickle. She is litter trained and is good with other cats, dogs and children.

Polly is also around 8 weeks old and has been in a foster home for a couple of weeks.


She is a happy, playful kitten and is good with dogs with dogs.
Freddie is around 8 weeks old and is quite independent and an adventurous little boy. Freddie will play for hours. He has so much personality and is a real character.

Louis is also around 8 weeks old and is a really sweet little boy who loves cuddles. He is very friendly with everyone and will be very much a lap cat. Louis is litter trained and in good health.
Call 645 469 253 for more information on these beautiful kittens.

From last month’s edition Lacey was adopted.