Unfortunately none of the cats from last month’s edition have been adopted so far.

Mindy is approx 7 months. She was born on the streets, but a family living in the area allowed her into their home and humanised her, so much so that she now follows the mother when she takes her children to catch the school bus and then back home again. Mindy is in good health and sterilised. 

Milo is around 8 months old and needs a home as his owner returned to the UK. He is quite an independent boy, but loves attention when he wants it. Milo is great with other cats, dogs and children. He is vaccinated and neutered. 

Bridgette is in urgent need of a home or foster home as her owner moved house and left her behind. She is around 4 years old and sterilized.  She is very timid with strangers, but once she gets to know you is very affectionate.

Ruby and her siblings were rescued along with their mother when the shed they were born under was taken down. They have all been in a foster home since and are now around 5 months old. 

Call 645 469 253 for more information on any of the above cats.