We have a number of authors living locally on the Costa Cálida and we are only too happy to promote books written by them. Pat was born in London in 1948 and she moved to Spain in 1999. She and her second husband Mike, who was born in Zimbabwe, now live in a rural village in the south eastern corner of Spain, on the Costa Cálida.

author review patMike has a military history which helped with many details in this book and he now also writes prose in his spare time. Pat’s career embraced interior design, teaching and nursing, but over the years in Spain, she and Mike have become known locally as Kruger Canopies.

Pat will be selling signed copies of her book at the weekly Friday markets on Camposol B, so if you would like to support a local writer, visit Camposol B and come and have a chat with Pat. Who Dares… is published by AuthorHouse UK and is available from AuthorHouse UK, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

author reviewWho Dares…
Pat wrote this book having been inspired by the courage and endurance of mankind under extreme circumstances and it is dedicated to heroes of all denominations and ages, old or young, sufferers and carers.

“Who Dares Wins” is the motto of the British Special Air Service, one of the world’s premier special operations groups. Author Pat Kruger takes this credo, normally reserved for combat and clandestine missions and applies it to the even more treacherous battlefield of love in her novel.

The story follows Neil Beeches, a retired SAS officer, who is released from prison impersonating a notorious and ingenious villain Simon Grant, who has died during his incarceration, unbeknown to the members of a mysterious, sinister group in Spain who are planning to recruit him. Neil has accepted this assignment to pose as Grant to discover who they are and why they need Grant’s special skills.

Gina Douglas is a member of the team assigned to watch Neil’s back and she follows him to Spain. Her Spanish counterpart, Luis, is awaiting her and their instant aversion to each other threatens to make their relationship a rocky but passionate one. Meanwhile, the role planned for Neil is beyond his wildest imaginings and is made even more dangerous when a young female hostage is taken. He must succeed in his assignment whilst ensuring her safety and gaining her freedom, never stepping out of role. Who would dare to take on this dangerous task? He dares, but will he win?

Who Dares… is written to appeal to a diverse set of readers, male and female, of adult age. According to Pat, her tale is a mix of romance, thrills, suspense and action, survival, with a touch of the macabre and horrific.  She combines the genres of spy fiction and romance and their potential for treachery and betrayal to provide figuratively and potentially heart-stopping twists for her protagonists. With the stakes so high, only someone ‘Who Dares’ can make it out of this mission alive.