Dogs are abandoned for many reasons, none of which can be considered as valid. One reason is often cited as ‘bad behaviour’, something recognised by the owners who sadly never seem to acknowledge their own contribution to this problem, or rather, the lack of contribution. 

Puppies do not come into this world cognisant of how to live with humans. Their mum, if they have been lucky enough to have been allowed to stay with her for at least 8 weeks, will have taught them how to behave within their pack, but dogs need US – humans – to teach them how to behave in our world. 

When someone adopts a dog, they need to ensure that he or she is gently introduced to the world around them with positive rewards (praise and/or treats), to other people, animals and surroundings.

Dogs should always know the commands to: sit (which can be utilised in various circumstances), down (lie down), stay, come, walk (nicely) on the lead, leave (a very handy, multi-purpose command) and give.

More advanced ‘touch target’ or ‘watch (me)’ commands can re-direct a dog’s straying attention back to the handler.

A dog is never too old to learn new ‘tricks’. There are numerous online resources that can help owners to teach their dog to become a polite member of their family, so there really is no excuse. 

There are also many good dog-behaviour schools around to help owners turn their unruly furries into mannerly pooches that are pleasures with whom to share their lives. Classes are an excellent way for owners to learn more about dog handling and behaviour and can introduce both dog and owner to new friends. A win-win, surely?!!

Talking of well-behaved dogs, this month’s PAPS’ pin-up is Eileen, a statuesque beauty who is extremely affectionate with people, gentle, even tempered and always in a good mood.  She is excellent with other dogs. A Mastin-X, dob 3/4/22, she is a big girl at 60cms, so would be better in a larger property.


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