Do you have one of these Palms? (Phoenix)

Have you seen what weevils can do to it? (Picudo Rojo)


You CAN stop this happening in your garden! With the right treatments you can now prevent the total destruction of your Palms. If you have a Phoenix Palm that is weevil-free, with the correct preventative measures you can keep it that way. Applying a dose of the insecticide clorpirifos 48% mixed with a fungicide once a month can help keep the weevil at bay. Remember to prune palms at the right time of year, you should avoid pruning in the summer months and aim to prune only once a year. After the palm has been pruned the wounds must be drenched with the mixture as this will help limit the release of a chemical called pheromone that attracts the weevils. If you need help with prevention then call Jonathan from Murcia Tree Services.


If you think your palm is already infested – DON’T PANIC- it CAN be saved! If the infestation is caught early enough and the damage is not too great, the tree can be injected with Abamectina, a very strong insecticide which poisons the pulp of the trunk, the feeding ground of the grub, thus stopping them dead in their tracks before they are able to destroy your tree. An additional benefit included in the injection system is a Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash based fertilizer, which acts as an energy boost for the tree and aids the recovery of the palm. If you have other Phoenix Palms in your garden, it is recommended that you have them treated at the same time to prevent any further infestation and damage. The injections, which must be carried out by a professional, and the monthly regime, are an inexpensive way to save or protect your trees from infestation and total destruction. The symptoms and the level of infestation are sometimes difficult for the untrained eye to spot.


Unfortunately, some of the palms have no hope of being saved. This has usually occurred when the damage to the growing head is too great for the palm to recover and in some cases, despite the outer fronds appearing healthy, the centre growing point has been completely eaten out and fronds can be pulled out by hand. If the infested palm is within close proximity to other apparently healthy palms, it is usually advisable to remove it to avoid cross infestation. One of the biggest problems facing the authorities in Murcia is the speed at which the weevil is continuing to spread. All removals must be carried out quickly and cleanly by a professional to prevent the weevil finding a new host palm.

Jonathan from Murcia Tree Services works closely with the Ministry of Water and Agriculture in Murcia and attends and advises at regular meetings with Mazarrón Town Hall, where the latest techniques are discussed and action plans are put in place to eradicate the weevil. When Jonathan removes an infested palm it is done quickly and is taken away to a licensed disposal company in Torre Pachecho where the trunks are shredded and incinerated at high temperatures to ensure any weevils or eggs are destroyed.


Property owners, as well as anyone caught or reported to the authorities for dumping in the campo or in areas for general garden waste such as the pit on Sector D on Camposol, risk facing hefty fines from the authorities.


In any case of doubt, call Jonathan from M.T.S- Murcia Tree Services on 650911755 and read more about the Red Palm Weevil at

Alternatively, contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Water of Murcia, by calling the Mamen 648165208.