Sadly, PAPS lost our wonderful old boy Kion last month. He was nearly 11 years old and even though he died with two loving volunteers beside him, it was still unbearable to think that he died on the hard floor of a shelter. No dog should end its life like this. Please if you can foster or better still, adopt an OAP, you’ll give that dog the love and comfort they deserve for the last period of his or her life.

We know times are tough for everyone with prices rising so fast, but unfortunately this has an impact on dog shelters too as dogs are abandoned by people unable or unwilling to care for them and the charities still have bills to pay and hungry mouths to feed.

We are ‘on the beg’ again!

If you could sponsor a dog for €5 a month, or make a donation, (no matter how small) through PayPal or our Bank account, all will be gratefully received. For a tiny €1 a month, you could become a PAPS teamster – visit, type PAPS in the search bar and sign up. It’s so easy, but every euro will help us.

There are other ways in which people can help, perhaps by ordering off Amazon and sending it directly to us: wet or dry dog food is always welcome, but also clean blankets, towels, metal buckets, toilet brushes, steel pot scourers, long-handled metal dustpans and long-handled brooms; anything that can help our volunteers to keep the shelter clean and comfortable for the dogs.

You could organise a fund-raiser for us.

Do you know a friendly shop nearby that might agree having a donation basket for us?

You could volunteer your time in the shelter. Not only would your helping hands be invaluable, but the dogs would love to meet you.

Don’t just do nothing! Please help us in whatever way you can.

Kion’s best buddy was Numa who’s now really missing her bonded friend since his death. We would really love to see this gentle senior in a caring home for the rest of her days. She’s approx 55cms, dob: 01/07/15. She is really affectionate, enjoys attention and pets from wherever she can get it. She would make the sweetest companion in any home. If you would like any information, please email: