As summer plods along, the poor dogs of Casa del Sol continue to wait patiently for new homes in the uncomfortable heat.  We have had a litter of beautiful bouncing puppies from super-Mum, Hope, many of which have already been reserved for adoption, but we also have many dogs of … more-mature status, shall we say?

Sad as it is for any dog to be abandoned or surrendered, it’s particularly tough for the poor dogs which will have spent time in a home, as they find it harder to adjust to life in a shelter and because they’re not cute puppies, they are much more difficult to find new homes for.

There must be people out there who don’t want the hard work of a new puppy, that will need house-training, persuasion not to munch on anything that doesn’t move (and some things that do!) and training to become a well-behaved member of the household – not to mention the cost of neutering.  An older dog that has lived in a home will be clean, calmer and be able to make a really sweet, mature, loving companion for some lucky person.

Poor Tormenta is nearly 6 years old (dob: 11.11.15), 55cms approx, sadly finds herself looking for a new home.  She arrived at Casa del Sol in December with her home friends when their owner couldn’t find accommodation that would allow them too and the heart breaking decision was made to put them up for adoption so that they can find comfort in their older years.  That hasn’t happened for sad Tormenta.  She’s a gentle soul, good with other dogs, but she’s rather bewildered in the shelter and really needs a home of her own.

Have you got space in your home for this sweet lady that so badly needs help?

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