Tempus fugit … and it surely does! Autumn is more or less on us with hopefully cooler weather and a little bit of rain to make gardens and farmers happy. Sadly, Casa del Sol shelter still has too many lovely dogs that need Caring Forever Homes, from young puppies to OAPs and everything in between. There is a dog to suit all needs there – just waiting for someone to adopt them.

Have you ever thought about fostering a dog?

There are many middle-aged or seniors waiting for homes, which is so sad to see. No elderly dog should ever have to end their days in a shelter. The deal is that foster carers would be home-checked and sign a fostering contract, PAPS would pay for medication or vet/medical treatments if required, while the foster carer would pay for the food and of course treats and toys, regularly providing the shelter with photos and updates. Most importantly, the foster carer would give the elderly dog a soft bed to lie on and a lot of love. If you think this is something you might be able to do, please email animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com for more information.

As a charity, PAPS is always appreciative of donations, no matter how small, to help with providing food, anti-parasite treatments, food and vet care. Donations may be made via PayPal: animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com – (using Friends/Relative function) or direct to our bank account:

PAPS, Deutsche Bank

IBAN: ES62 0019 0412 5940 1002 5531


Kind people could also sponsor a dog monthly for as little as €5 per month, pledge a tiny little €1 a month via our Teaming account, give clean blankets or towels, or order food or anti-parasite treatments from Amazon, delivered directly to us. 

This month’s beauty looking for a loving home is Lola, a true show-girl without the tantrums. Lola is a very sweet Pointer, approx 50cm high, dob 2/1/19. She walks very well on the leash, gets along with male and female dogs, but is not interested in being pally with cats. She loves nothing better than good cuddles and attention from people, so would make the best of companions. Please give her a second look and imagine her by your feet, gazing up at you like you’re her hero.

For all information, email animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com