There is nothing more sad for volunteers than to see new ‘residents’ arrive into their shelter, especially if many of the present ones haven’t yet found new homes.

If people are looking for new dogs to add to their home, it really is so important to consider ADOPTING to give an unfortunate dog the chance of finding happiness, rather than paying large sums of money to breeders of pedigree dogs. Contrary to what some people believe, there really is nothing wrong with the vast majority of shelter dogs. They’ve just been very unlucky in their lives and will still make the most wonderful, loving pets in a new home. 

Big Alf is one such lad. Dumped on the streets from where he was rescued, Alf adores human contact and affection. He’s got a very gentle, calm nature and is well-balanced. Good with other dogs, he really is a people-dog. Alf is a Mastin-X, 70cms tall, approx dob.10/5/20. If you have the space in your home, Alf promises to bring a lot of love into it.

At the other end of the spectrum is Coco, a sweet little man who was rescued off the street 4 years ago. He had been quite nervous when found, but he became a happy, playful lad in his loving home. Sadly the family’s young mute and autistic son wasn’t aware of how his behaviour affected Coco so the family reluctantly felt it was better to rehome the little dog. Coco is 7-8 years old and roughly 30-35cm tall. He was anxious at first, but is slowly coming out of his shell. He would be perfect for a quiet and patient home environment.

Alf and Coco can both be viewed on our FB Page: Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain, along with the many other beautiful homeless dogs in PAPS’ care. Adoption fee and home-checks apply.

Donations are always welcome, as is anyone with a free hour or two during the week to help out with the dogs, or even from home.

For all queries, please email