While work has started on the construction of the new shelter, the all-important and never-ending work of trying to find new homes for dogs also continues unabated. As we refused to adopt out dogs before Christmas, there wasn’t much movement during December, but now 2022 has woken up properly and some of our residents have relocated to new homes in the UK, Germany, and Spain – including a little OAP with leish who was adopted by an angel here in Spain.  But we still have plenty more lovelies just waiting for someone with a little space in their home – and hearts, to notice them.  

There’s the Hollywood heart-throb, Nanuk, who sadly lost his home just after Christmas when his previous mistress passed away and his master could no longer look after him. Born 11/8/18, he’s a German Shepherd, who’s got impeccable manners – walks perfectly on a lead, is house-trained and loves attention from humans.  Happier with female dogs as he tends to get a bit bossy with males, doesn’t seem fazed by cats although hasn’t been fully tested with them. 

And also the very handsome Calvin, a soon-to-be-8 year old lad who’s great with other dogs, not so keen on cats, and probably better with no young children.  He’s truly lovely and a typical Beagle! If you enjoy walking and need company, then Calvin could be “your” man to accompany you, as he loves his walks.   

Both of these boys are real smashers that will bring a lot of joy to whatever house they’re adopted into. All our dogs are vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped with passport, and receive regular anti-parasite treatments. To see more photos of Calvin and Nanuk, and all our other lovelies, please visit our Facebook Page: Support Abandoned Dog/PAPS in Spain, and for further information, e-mail: animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com.

As usual, if anyone has a little time on their hands and would like to help us out, our dogs (and volunteers) will show their gratitude; donations to help us to look after all our residents are always welcome, via our bank account (details on FB Page), or PayPal: animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com