Following the recent PAPS AGM, a number of new, hardworking volunteers were elected to the Board, who have hit the ground running and are already coming up with new ideas to fundraise and make improvements that will benefit our dogs. 

In May, the volunteers organised a Dog Parade along the Los Narejos beach-front which included past and present PAPS residents strutting their stuff. Led by newly-installed PAPS Ambassador, Martin, ably assisted by his little deputy, Tilly, everyone enjoyed a leisurely saunter along the esplanade, culminating with a sit-down for an enjoyable coffee and chat. 

On 4 June, Top Dog Hotel (Los Alcázares) is holding their 2nd Anniversary Fair when people can visit, talk to our volunteers about what we do, find a “goodie” on our sales table, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll be inspired enough to sign up as a volunteer!

Pepsi (l) and Bubbles
Pepsi (l) and Bubbles

While a couple of our dogs have left for new homes, their places have quickly filled up with other abandonados.  Four 2-month-old babies were found under a hedge – sadly one didn’t make it but the other 3 girlies have quickly settled into shelter life and are enjoying being alive. Pepsi (GS-X), Bubbles (lab-x) and Sky (Border/Australian sheepdog-X) will be medium-large, but are all super puppies, sociable, friendly, and happy.  Guaranteed to bring sunshine into any home. 

Poor Socks was dumped near Avileses, but fortunately was found beside a busy road and brought to safety in Casa del Sol. The owner had gone to the bother of chipping him but after we finally managed to make contact and she declared that she was no longer able to look after him, he was signed into our name. He’s only 3 months old with a luscious black coat and the cutest white paws and chest, very sweet-natured, gentle, and affectionate. He is going to be a very big, but very handsome boy. If anyone would like more information, or better still, adopt any of these babies, or to enquire about any other topic, please e-mail us. 

As always, all our beautiful residents can be seen on our FB Page: Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain.