June was a reasonably good month for PAPS as a few dogs left for new homes and the lovely Lucia will go to a great new life in the UK in early July. It is great in one sense, but depressing too because it’s like a revolving door – as quickly as one dog leaves, another unfortunate arrives. At least they will be safe and we hope that in time, they too will soon find new Forever Homes.

Recent arrivals include Daniella and her family of 8 bouncy babies. Her passport describes her as a Doberman, b.14/02/19. She’s being a wonderful mum to her babies and is very soft and gentle. She will be looking for a loving home herself once her puppies have grown and don’t need her any more, but this girl will make a beautiful companion.

Our hard-working volunteers continue to beaver away on behalf of our dogs, keeping the shelter environmentally clean and safe and coming up with new ways of raising funds. Following repeated demands from our dogs to become members, we have now introduced a PUPS’ Membership for €15, complete with a numbered membership card. However, this has opened up certain issues: as Pup Members now outnumber the human ones, democracy is going to their heads as one old boy has requested a vote in elections and another has demanded to be elected as Queen, despite being told there is no such position! We thank each and every one of the new Pup Members for getting their humans to sign them up to help their shelter friends. If you would like your beloved Pup to become a member so you can play a part in PAPS and keep in touch with what we do, please email us for further information. 

If you would like to help us, there are a number of ways:

You can donate via:

PayPal: animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com or directly to: Account: PAPS, Deutsche Bank, IBAN:  ES62 0019 0412 5940 1002 5531,BIC: DEUTESBBXXX Y 

(2) Sponsor a dog monthly

(3) Name a new dog 

(4) Purchase food or indestructible toys via Amazon, sending them directly to us.

(5) Volunteer: we ALWAYS need willing hands to help with a variety of admin work, walking, grooming, or cleaning. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, but like donations, every little bit matters.

For further information, for details on dogs waiting just for YOU and on all of the above, please email or visit our FB Page: Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain