‘Tis the season to be merry but for too many dogs in this country, it may be a very grim one without the love and comforts of a good home. Times are tough for everyone, but if adoption is not possible, a little donation, bags of food, toys or treats, or even physical help by walking and giving some gentle TLC to the dogs, would all be appreciated by dog charities. 

At this time of year, owners should give some consideration to the seasonal plants they bring into their home, as many contain toxic chemicals that can make their pets ill. Who doesn’t love the beautiful Poinsettias, but unfortunately these plants produce a milky sap that can be an irritant to animals and while toxic effects are usually only mild, dogs can still suffer sickness or diarrhoea. Mistletoe, holly and ivy all contain toxic chemicals which can cause excessive drooling, skin irritations, tummy upsets including vomiting and diarrhoea. Holly’s sharp leaves can cause nasty scratches or pricks. 

The homely smell of a real Christmas tree in the corner of a lounge can conjure up sweet reminiscences of times past for some people. While most species have low toxicity, the oils from the needles can cause excessive dribbling, vomiting and diarrhoea if chewed by dogs. Their sharp tips can cause physical injury to dogs’ mouths or throats. Tree decorations may also cause dangers to inquisitive pets, so owners might want to consider a tree guard to keep their pets safe. Even though the ‘real thing’ is so pretty, perhaps people might consider artificial trees which can be re-used, but all should still be kept out of reach of mischievous or curious mouths.

Even simple potpourri holds risks for dogs as it may contain a variety of plants or flowers, some of which may unknowingly be toxic, leading to vomiting or diarrhoea. Christmas potpourri is also likely to contain pieces of pine cones which could get stuck in dogs’ mouths or throats, leading to expensive vet visits.

Our PAPS Christmas Angel is an adorable little scruff-bag. Born 25/11/19, Terrier-X, approx. 41cm tall, Kiro is very friendly and loving with people and good with male & female dogs. He was clean in his temporary foster-home and is now looking for his Forever home. If you would like to sponsor or adopt this great little fella, please email animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com

If anyone would like to send a little Christmas donation, all gifts are welcome via PayPal: animalesperrosdelsol@hotmail.com or directly to our bank account:

PAPS, Deutsche Bank, IBAN:  ES62 0019 0412 5940 1002 5531


Everything given will help our dogs.

PAPS wishes everyone a very peaceful, happy and safe Christmas. May 2023 bring a better world for everyone.