The number of canine residents in PAPS’ Casa del Sol Shelter is sadly starting to increase again. This includes a litter of beautiful little puppies and a sweet family of German Shepherd-X babies together with their mum. If you are looking for any type of dog, we are sure to have one to suit!  Check them all out on our Facebook page: Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain.

With Christmas quickly approaching, our dogs are worried that Santa will pass them by and would really love him to leave some goodies for them this year.  They literally have nothing in their run to keep them entertained, so they would be very very happy to get toys to play with.  Soft/fur or plastic toys won’t survive their tough play, but the very tough Kong toys would be great – like the hard balls, chew bones, pull toys etc, or perhaps some Dentastix or chewies to keep bored mouths occupied?  These could either be left at the shelter, or if bought from the internet, can be posted directly to this writer’s address (please email for this).

Please make this Christmas a playful one for our dogs.

With an eye on building our new shelter next year, PAPS would really appreciate any donations of bricks, wood, wire fencing, steel posts – anything and everything that could be used to build runs and kennels.  For information on any of the above, please email:

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and hope that 2022 will be healthy and kind to all.