July was hot in many ways, the weather for one, but also for adoptions as 8 lucky dogs went off to their new homes: 6 to Germany, 1 to the UK, and 1 happily returned to his previous owners, but there are still plenty of lovely dogs remaining to find homes, all of which could bring their special brand of happiness to a new home including 10 bouncing, fun-loving puppies.

PAPS urgently needs more helping hands, as between the holiday season and the residual effect of the B-word that has meant many people have to restrict the time they spend in this country, we are dreadfully short of volunteers. People can donate as much time as they wish as there are many different jobs to do: social media, photos/videos, walking and cleaning the kennels (which is surprisingly satisfying knowing that the work completed will leave the dogs with clean runs and kennels), but we need HELPERS, so if you have an hour or two free each week, why not come along to help our dogs? 

Our summer opening schedule for August is: Monday 9.30am-11.30am and Wednesday & Friday 9am-11am.

Poor Nanuk is still looking for his Happy Ever After and we can’t understand why no-one has noticed him. A very handsome white Alsatian, born 11/08/18, approx 50-55cms, he’s a really happy lad, loves being with people, is house-trained and walks really well on a lead. He hasn’t been properly cat-tested.  He only lost his previous home because his mum passed away. If you are looking for a great companion, please consider Nanuk and give him the chance of a happy life. 

For information, on all of the above, please email or visit our FB Page: Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain