Summer is always a difficult time for rescue shelters and the poor dogs with the heat and people thinking more about getting a holiday, than adopting a new member of their family. PAPS continues to work hard to provide for the dogs in its care, but they always need funds and helping hands to assist its operations. 

PAPS would be unable to operate without our wonderful volunteers who generously give up their time to help in so many ways.  Volunteers can choose the amount of time they want to give, from just an hour or two each week to much more if they so wish, depending on the jobs they take on. People can provide a welcome treat of a dog walk outside the confines of the shelter. It’s so good to see the pleasure it gives these dogs – not to mention treats and cuddles.  Much as it may seem a less pleasurable experience, poop-scooping and cleaning are a major element in any shelter, but surprisingly this can still be fun in the company of the good-natured Poop-Patrol; it is also very satisfying to bring the environment back to a pristine and healthy state for the dogs to live in. 

Volunteers are always needed to do accounts, reply to emails, take dogs to the vet, groom, do home-checks – anything and everything that will help the dogs. Anyone with an eye or interest in photography or video would always be welcome to enable us to show off our furry stars to their best on social media, or if they have a literary leaning, they could help with social media or newspaper/magazine articles.  ‘Cyber-boffs’ could help with internet matters/Facebook, etc.  Basically, there are so many skills that could be of great use to a charity like PAPS. It is also a lovely way of meeting new and interesting people, so, if YOU have just a little time to spare each week, why not volunteer to help our dogs?   Email address is below for information. 

As we are still urgently trying to raise money to help construct our new shelter, any donation – no matter how big or small – would be very welcome:


(Friends/Family Option.

Our Top Dog for August is Boris, who is desperately looking for a new home. He’s a bit shy initially, but once he loses his bashfulness, this big softie unleashes the full extent of his loving heart with cuddles, kisses and occasionally sitting on laps! He’s 8 years old (dob.17/2/13), approx 55cms and loves playing with a stone or tiles! Wouldn’t it be lovely if he could find a home with lots of soft toys to play with instead of stones or tiles?

Who wouldn’t like a more mature gent with good manners and a loving nature?