Throughout all the chaos and misery of this dreadful pandemic, PAPS and Casa del Sol continue on regardless, due in no small part to our special band of wonderful volunteers who appear week in, week out, to help by walking, cleaning kennels, doing repairs, admin, taking photos, fostering, taking dogs to vet appointments – anything and everything to ensure our dogs are well-cared for and as happy as any dog can be in a shelter.

If anyone has a few free hours a week that they would like to fill in aid of a very worthwhile cause, why not pop along and help our 4- and 2-legged friends?  Helpers are always welcome at our fun Pamper Days, when the dogs get groomed, claws clipped, anti-parasite treatments and lots of cuddles (please email us for further information, if interested in any of the above).

February saw 4 lucky dogs find good homes and after patiently marking time, 8 more finally departed CdS in March to join their new families. Sadly, there are still too many lovely dogs waiting for loving homes, so if you are looking for a sweet companion, be sure to look us up on Facebook:Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS in Spain.

Sadly, one dog that has not been so lucky in life is the lovely Mara, a Podenca-X, born 01/06/15.  Mara is very intelligent and quick to learn new things. She loves people and is so affectionate, being particularly partial to a good ol’ tummy rub, in exchange for special Mara-kisses to reward the Tubber (tummy+rubber … get it??!!!!).  

She was found near a petrol station and a call had been put through to the infamous Cereco killing station to pick her up. Luckily she was intercepted and brought to us instead.  For some strange reason, she has been unable to find that special someone who will give her a loving home and those tummy-rubs.  She would be happier being an only dog, and doesn’t do all that girly stuff of getting her nails done and ears cleaned, but now … tummy rubs …. hmmm… that’s a different thing!  Mara would make a ‘paw-fect’ companion for some very lucky person.

Talking of new homes … PAPS and Casa del Sol will be moving to a new facility not too far from our present location!  While we’re very excited about our new premises, this will also involve additional cost to our charity, so any financial help or donations would be very welcome, to assist us building kennels, etc.

Donations to help with vet bills, food costs etc can be sent via our PayPal account:  (use Friends & Family option please)

For information on any of the above, please email: