Our 52 Day Retirement Walk Along The Spanish Pyrenees is the latest book by our regular gardening authors Dick and Clodagh Handscombe.

Dick is British by birth but living in Spain for 25 years, is a popular author of gardening books about Spanish and Mediterranean Gardening plus lifestyle related books. He has been writing for the Costa Cálida Chronicle for a number of years. Dick and Clodagh have developed their garden in Spain and they have a year-round colourful, scenic and productive garden. They are very self sufficient in edible flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables, eggs and poultry meat. Their gardening is ecological and this is reflected in the advice given in their books.

Before retiring to Spain, Dick had a busy and varied international business consulting career which allowed many gardens and gardening practices to be viewed world wide. In this period he wrote seven business management books under the name Richard Handscombe, six of which were published by McGraw-Hill. Dick is also interested in giving talks, book signings and cruise ship talks and workshops.

Authored by Dick Handscombe, now 77, Our 52 Day Retirement Walk Along The Spanish Pyrenees is his 21st book. It describes in a lively travelogue style, his retirement odyssey when he walked 950 kilometres with his wife Clodagh along the Spanish Pyrenees. The journey commenced on the wet windy and rocky coast of the Bay of Biscay and finished on a calm warm and soft sandy Mediterranean beach.

This very readable book gives a day by day account of their adventurous experiences whilst they enjoyed the wonderful wildlife and picturesque vistas of the Pyrenean wilderness and villages. They met some wonderful characters on the way and they themselves were regarded as being very strange at times. They were carrying heavy backpacks for the first time in their lives, met only one other long distance walker during the 52 days and did not take mobile phones. What a blissfully peaceful experience they must have had.

The book is available from Amazon Books as a regular book and also as a Kindle book.