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We are delighted to report that the final total from the ‘marathon’ run by Colin Thackwell was a whopping €659! Colin, we cannot thank you enough; 80 years old too! You put the rest of us to shame!


Our running costs and expenses are enormous and we need to raise much-needed funds to get some other larger projects started, many of which have sadly had to be delayed. This autumn we will have high costs of farriers for the horses and donkeys as well as annual inoculations for all, including the pigs. Some winter rugs also need replacing as some of our older residents do feel the cold. If you would like to ‘buy a horse a blanket’ please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

We put out a plea, earlier in the summer as we desperately need to build a storage unit before the winter sets in. A local businessman, John Ankells Mansell, (Just Handy), stepped up to the breach. We would like to thank Richard Kingham, David Hannah, Darren Sewry and Avril Hogan for giving up their time for this project. So far they have dug out and levelled off the entire area. The concrete base, (once poured) will be 4.5 x 3.5 metres and will be approximately 200mm thick. The structure will have steel mesh for additional strength. The next stage of the project will be some shuttering before the base can be poured. This will be around 3 cubic metres.

Wish List

We would be grateful for any items on this list. Please think about us next time you are placing an order with Amazon.

Teaming Fund Raising

Teaming is one of the easiest and most popular ways for charities to raise money and guarantee a regular income. From as little as €1 per month, you can select your chosen charity or charities and then the payment is taken automatically from your bank once a month. We already have 140 teamers and we are noticing the benefit, but we need more. If our readers could share this message with their friends all over the world, it could make an enormous difference to us.


Another way we can guarantee more regular income is with our sponsorship programme. From as little as €3 per month, you can sponsor, or partially sponsor, an animal and have quality time with your chosen animal. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact Yolanda.


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