Going Home

‘Home is the place where, if you have to go there, they have to take you in’, is a quote from a Robert Frost poem. You know the old comparison between a house and a home, where clearly a house is simply a collection of rooms and furniture, whereas a home contains memories and a special affection for the times and experiences gained while living there. 

Magazines such as ‘Ideal Homes’ and similar are, in my opinion, missing the point, in that they promote the idea that certain decorations or features or details make a house a ‘home’. Quite often we find that while we may buy or rent a house to start with, when we move on, it is our ‘home’ we are leaving. 

The difference then is that we have a special relationship with somewhere we call ‘home’, made up of the memories and life lived there.

When God was reassuring the Jews of their future with Him, He said “I will bring them home from the land of Egypt and gather them from Assyria. I will bring them to the land of Gilead and to Lebanon, until there is no room for them.” Zechariah 10 v 10.

God’s intention is to bring all of His people home, once again re-united with Him in a place where we have all built personal relationships and gathered memories through tears and laughter – somewhere we call ‘home’.

The old classic Christmas song is “Driving Home For Christmas”. The destination is a place where it is worth the extra effort to get to; it is ‘home’. My Dad’s gravestone states that he is “Home with the Lord”. Jim Reeves sang “This World Is Not My Home, I am just A passing Through.”

What about you? Is your journey through life taking you ‘home’?


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