Recently an experiment was conducted in a busy town centre where leaflet wielding distributors simply handed-out leaflets to people as they walked past. Now generally commuters and shoppers are familiar with this form of advertising and leaflet distribution, and would either take the leaflet without reading it just to be polite and keep moving, or shun the distributor and walk past. In this particular experiment the leaflet stated that if you walked back to the person who made the offer, they would give you 5 pounds for nothing. No advertising or form filling or questionnaire to complete. What could be better than that? Very, very few people actually read or even looked at the leaflet, but the minority who did were delighted with their 5 pounds for nothing. 

As an experiment it highlighted the fact that unfortunately no-matter how good the offer was, the vast majority of people were just too busy, distracted, disinterested or plain rude to read or take-up the offer presented to them.  Part of this, of course, is the fact that we have become understandably resilient to offers of discounted Double Glazing or Carpets or Finance Solutions and so on. The general belief is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. It is a pity really as the offer of Eternal Life at someone else’s expense would likely fall into that category. 

At face value even if you took the time to look into it, there would be no reason for it to be true. It just doesn’t make sense that God shows His love for us by coming down to earth as a child and dies in our place to buy our freedom. That said… you only need to go back to the one making the offer and accept it.

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