Remove 3 Water Pump Bolts

Haynes car manuals are brilliant. I mean what a good idea – simply dismantle a car and put it back together with pictures, photos and instructions. The originator of this concept, John Haynes, died recently (2019) and despite various copy-cats, Haynes remains the publication leader. As a 16 year old I needed these manuals, being very inexperienced and young. Now as it happens, most of my experience since that age has been with older cars which are subject to rust, grime and general decay. I bought my first sports car, an MG-A, no less, for forty pounds, so I am not working at the high-end as they talk about nowadays! Recently while trying to keep my youngest son’s Citroen Saxo on the road I had to replace the water pump. The Haynes manual would say ‘undo 3 bolts and remove the pump’. Nope it wasn’t happening! Five hours later, I had hammered-pulled, drilled and levered the pump, but it would not budge. Eventually I managed to break the drive-pulley off so I could drill the body out of it. What on earth? It should not be so difficult. Eventually the water pump was out and the block was undamaged and the new pump would just bolt straight in. None-the-less I was exhausted and exasperated with the frankly stupid design I was dealing with. As an engineer trained to consider how things should come apart, this really was causing me grief.

Anyhow the point is, not everything in life is as straightforward as it seems, or perhaps should be even if we have the energy and some experience. Sometimes we benefit from instructions, photos included or not.

“I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go. I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” – Psalm 32 v 8

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