I am always amused by the fact that here in Spain, many of the Chinese TODO shops attempt to sell diaries for the current year well into June and July. Notwithstanding this, Carol bought me a photo calendar last Christmas made up of pictures of events from previous years which was all fine and hunky dory except that upon examination it transpired that the month of April was after June, and September was actually the last month of the year! Very confusing for mere humans as the ideology behind a Calendar is that it is by nature or design supposed to keep things in some sort of accepted order. A bit like a clock which tells the wrong time. I mean is it even a clock or simply an ornament with some vague reference to time, current or otherwise? Now we might compensate for these deficiencies in the order of things by turning an extra few pages of the calendar or simply ignoring the clock which we know is wrong. But actually, neither of these normally ordered references is performing as expected and as a result confusion abounds. Humans, I think you will agree, need a certain degree of consistency and routine allowing us to plan and prepare for the regular events of life. Birth, childhood, adolescence, teenage years, young adulthood, studies, jobs, relationships, leaving home, marriage, children, looking after parents, and so it goes on. When any of these get out of order it just messes everything up.  We are after all made in God’s image, not physically of course but in many other ways. Proverbs tells us that “All our steps are ordered by the Lord; how then can we understand our own ways?” Proverbs 20 v 24. God needs order and so do we.

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