Choose Your Battles
I don’t know about you, but in life I have found that sometimes it is necessary to ‘Choose Your Battles’. My experience of ‘dragging-up’ eight children with their differences and peculiarities has taught me that some issues are more important than others and on occasions a degree of flexibility is essential when taking into account the personality you are dealing with at any particular time. Of course there are definite no-no’s, but there are also situations in which some give-and-take can be sensible.

Do we let an incident slide so we can tackle a more important issue, or do we make a scene out of everything in order to be consistent? Wisdom and experience teach us to ‘Choose our Battles’.
Do you remember Lazarus? Well he was dead, yes really dead, like no heartbeat … dead, in fact wrapped up in bandages and placed in a tomb dead, but Jesus, remember Him… raised Lazarus from the dead and yet despite this evidence of a clearly blessed life, death, or whatever it was, the Scribes and Pharisees decided it would be better if Lazarus was dead again and this time simply remained dead, so they plot, in their wisdom, to kill him…. Really? I mean he had already been dead and was brought back to life! What were they thinking?

‘Choose Your Battles’
Even if you kill him, he is not going to stay dead if Jesus is involved. Look at the evidence and learn from experience; perhaps even acknowledge that Jesus doesn’t respect death, only life.
“I am the way, the Truth, and the life”, He said in John 14 v 6.
If Jesus is God and God is who He claims to be, then you and I are not going to beat Him…… ‘Choose Your Battles’ is good advice.

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