Recently when chatting with friends about how we influence our children, we touched on the subject of ‘brainwashing’. This is a relatively new term adopted in the 1950’s to explain some of the methods used by China to steer their people toward supporting the new communist government after the Civil War and there are other examples I would add. 

We raise our kids in our home and we share our experiences. We obviously also share our beliefs and faith in God and His message with them as we do with our friends. Clearly not to do this would be to deny the people around us hearing what we believe to be very important to us.  We train our kids in everyday life skills like washing their hands after going to the toilet or being polite and not eating with their mouth open and of course saying please and thank you and being respectful; at least some of us do!

Many once common lessons in life and hygiene are ignored these days.  Look around you and observe. Conversely, if we as parents have the view that faith is for the weak, we will also share that view with our kids.

How is it then that those of us with faith are accused of ‘brainwashing’ when if you have no faith, keeping them away from faith is not ‘brainwashing’? How is one ‘brainwashing’ and the other is not?

By-the-way you cannot make a person a Christian any more than you can beat it out of someone. Jesus said “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. These words I have spoken to you -they are full of the Spirit and life. Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” John 6 v 63, 64

‘Brainwashing’! – nonsense – make your own mind up.

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