Being Negative

For years now it has been important to be positive and have a positive outlook on life. All sorts of theories have been and gone, each in their own way emphasising a positive mind-set and encouraging self-esteem. Some are more sensibly based than others and believe me I am not against a certain amount of self-help teaching as long as it includes a dash of, or slightly more perhaps, reality.

In an electrical world, which it seems the entire World has been duped to believe is the future, positive flows to negative and sadly for many that is life’s experience. Don’t worry about the fact that some smelly, coal or gas burning power station is producing your ‘green’ electricity, or maybe it is a windmill which can never repay the energy put into making it, or Solar panels which require metal fencing, security lighting and a metal framework along with a glass and metal construction and so it goes on.

As I said before, a dash or more of reality would be appreciated. Well, now we have, through World changing events involving COVID-19, come to a point where we celebrate ‘Being Negative’. It is seldom a good thing to fail a test, otherwise I would have been happy with my Spanish Exam result at school, but alas now it is the goal of everyone to be negative, whether it is ‘Lateral Flow’, or a ‘PCR test’, whatever those are? We all want to be negative. We all want to fail.

There are some things though that it is important not to fail. Jesus said to his disciples, “Do you have eyes and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear and do you not remember? Mark 8 v 18. 

Sometimes it is important not to fail!


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