Cita Previa
In the midst of this current pandemic efforts have been made to contain the spread of the virus; some more successful than others. Almost without exception there are winners and losers in this climate. In Spain, restaurants and bars are closed for the time being and of course the consequences for families in that line of work and their dependants is severe. Remember it is not just those directly affected, but also their suppliers and their transport and those who dispose of waste and everyone involved in between.
Conversely if you provide Personal Protection Equipment and/or hand sanitizer you are ‘quids-in’.

As I type, we in Murcia, Spain, are not allowed to cross from one Municipality (Local Area) to another unless we have a written Cita Previa (which means a pre-arranged appointment) from some organization or authority outside of our home address, therefore allowing us to cross that particular border. This can be for essential paperwork transactions, or medical attention not available within your particular municipality and I suppose this would be at the discretion of the Police attending a checkpoint. We have had these Cita Previas from Solicitors and also Medical Care.
To avoid the Police turning you back or fining you for infringing the rules you need to have the pre-arranged appointment in writing.

This reminded me of our situation on earth where, as Christians, we believe for travelling from earth to heaven we need to have a Cita Previa. The Bible talks about a ‘Book-Of-Life’ in which names are recorded of those who have an approved appointment. Jesus says “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you will be also” – John 14 v 3.
A Cita Previa is essential.

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