Pigeon Watching

During the lock-down of 2020 in Spain caused by the Corona Virus or Covid 19 as it was called, we were quite comfortable in the sense that we worked online and kept our local excursions to a minimum. We were, of course, always washing our hands and disinfecting whenever we mixed with the general populous. Carol was being treated for cancer during this period so that was an issue in itself. 

Actually, we quite liked the fact that people were forced to up-their-game in terms of personal hygiene and actually wash their hands before sharing their germs with other people. Don’t get me started on people not washing their hands after going to a public loo, or sneezing into the air without a tissue or hanky!  I just cannot cope. What will the next generation do if this one ignores basic hygiene and doesn’t learn from its mistakes? And breathe! As a positive result we enjoyed two years of no colds, flu or any other affliction normally contracted by circulating with the world and his wife. 

As we were not allowed visitors during this period and unlike people in the UK, Boris  included, in Spain we actually obeyed the rules. We were left with arguably quite an insular life which included “Pigeon Watching” as our resident two pairs of Pigeons in our garden ignored the lock-down and continued their lives in blissful ignorance. One day we were watching the Pigeons and realised that actually they were also watching us. Their lock-down world was “People Watching” and we were the subjects. How things turn around. A bit like the expression, “He chased her until she caught him” and “I will let you find me, says the LORD”, Jeremiah 29 v 14. Turn your life around and he will “let you find Him”.


You can join us on Zoom any Sunday Morning At 11am Spanish Time and 10am UK Time. Or come along to our house and join us there in person, just 20 minutes from Camposol, Alhama and Fuente Alamo and 30 minutes from Puerto de Mazarrón. Give Ken a call for directions…..A worship service with a difference. 

ZOOM ID 858 0435 5966 and THE PASSWORD is Sharing (Note, a capital ‘S’)

All are really welcome. Feel free.