Whisky and Water

Friends who used to work in the Brewing industry tell us that it is important to add water to Whisky in order to savour its true taste. For some of us who are partial to a ‘wee dram’, this might seem like spoiling an otherwise excellent drink!

In Scotland recently a Brewing company accidentally spilt 6,600 litres of Whisky into the local river and was fined £12,000. Talk about crying over spilt milk! Even at a modest £10 per bottle we are talking about £80,000 in lost Whisky. The employee who pulled the wrong lever has never been found, probably because wasting Whisky in Scotland is a capital offence. 

Diluting something can take away its taste or impact. We do this and can often dilute some behaviour by arguing that everyone does it; from theft of office stationery, or more seriously speeding or drink driving, losing our temper and so on. We have diluted the offence to reduce its impact.

When Jesus was crucified and his body was put in a tomb, the authorities thought that was the end of it. Easter reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead and the tomb was empty. There was no doubt that the body had gone, but in an attempt to dilute the impact of that fact, the Religious Leaders spread the story that the disciples had stolen the body. If enough people believed this lie then the consequences of a person they saw die coming back to life and being raised from the dead would be diluted. How foolish … but how human! 

Don’t let the trappings of Easter bunnies and eggs and so on dilute the message… ‘He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.’ Matthew 28v 6


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