It was a different time back then…BC…Before Computers. We were free from the internet and mobile phones and any other variant of the instant communication world we now live in. I was at school, Morningside Primary in Edinburgh, which is still a Primary School by-the-way, rather than an Old Folks Home or Council Offices, or demolished to build flats. I wore short trousers all through the years of Primary School and never thought anything about it really as all the boys did the same. In practical terms there were no holes in the knees requiring mending as an elastoplast would fix it. We were also taught how to wire an electric plug and we felt completely safe walking to school or taking the bus. Do we call it “progress” when the internet has opened up new avenues for bullying or abuse? Parents wouldn’t dream of their children walking to school or taking a bus on their own at eight years old. Now of course electric cars are powered by the same fuel we are trying to preserve and people are discouraged from cooking by buying their food delivered in cardboard boxes. 

The latest fashions are paraded in the playground while distracted parents nanny their children to people who still appreciate the work, and kids of nine years old are on Tic-Toc all day long? Pre-Primark, Matalan or similar, my mum who is a professional seamstress made my first pair of long trousers and I was probably twelve years old. Of course they fitted perfectly and I do remember being very pleased with them. 

There are some things which should never change “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep His commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone” …..Timeless….. and it will never “progress”.

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