In life there are times when we could do with the support of those around us; you know, when circumstances are conspiring to bring us down and several mishaps or unconnected events coincide making you feel there is a conspiracy going on. They say trouble comes in threes, but there is no science behind that expression and in the end there are things we just need to deal with in life and we cannot expect everything to run smoothly all of the time.

Isn’t it great then when someone offers to help or ease your troubles and share your burden in some way? You know, just take the pressure off and give you a break. This feeling of being Ganged-Up against could be everyone picking on you, or perhaps the silent treatment and being ex-communicated.

Picture the scene when you have been arrested for something you haven’t done and your friends have run away and then strenuously denied knowing you at all. The ‘powers-that-be’ don’t believe your explanations of events and question your answers with some low-life characters giving evidence and looking for excuses to further antagonise you. You are basically up against it from every angle. Ganging-up has reached a new level and each of the accusers feel justified in their attack.

This is emphasized by the statement “Then the assembly rose as a body and brought Jesus before Pilate.” Luke 23 v 1.

United in their disdain for Jesus, eventually Pilate sends Jesus to Herod and this is what happens…in verse 9.  “He (Herod) questioned Him (Jesus) at some length, but Jesusgave him no answer.”

Oh, that is not good, however you look at it! I would sooner face people Ganging-up against me than face Jesus when He refused to speak to me?

Which camp are you in?


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