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I expect that all of you who are reading this article have heard of the famous Evangelist Billy Graham who passed away in February 2018 aged 99 years of age.

God spoke to people through Billy Graham.  It was as simple as that! A staggering total of 389,000 people came to Christ at the Billy Graham campaigns in the UK; people who gave their lives to Jesus.

His visits to the UK started with a 12 week London outreach and in 1954 that drew more than 2 million people! He preached to more people in live arenas than anyone else in history; nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and hundreds of millions through television, video, films and web-casts. Over 5 Presidents in the USA sought his wisdom.

A British journalist once wrote that Billy Graham was an extremely humble man who could never understand why God chose him, a boy from a farm in North Carolina, to preach the gospel to the world and was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth and even Kim il Sung, North Korea’s dictator at the time.

My husband and I went to see Billy Graham in 1984 at Ipswich Football Stadium in Suffolk. Thousands of people attended and there was a choir of 3 thousand! What a charismatic humble man he was and now he dwells in heaven with his Father God.  He certainly was a true and faithful servant.

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