Did you know that the comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd passed away in March 2018? If confessions of faith are anything to go by, he will now be singing happiness back stage forever!

The Liverpool comic was a regular church goer and he described the Book of Common Prayer as the ‘Guide to Life’. He detested swearing in comedy and he prayed before each of his performances. He once said that jokes about religion are not right and “My God has been very good to me.”

Ken was a prolific recording artiste and had 19 UK top hits. He recorded the Gospel song “It is no secret what God can do”.

One of his jokes was “How do you make God laugh?” The answer was tell Him your future plans!

In 2007 Ken was the subject of a special edition of Songs of Praise, in which he spoke about his Christian faith. He said the best kind of laughter is when you make somebody happy and make somebody’s life a bit better.

Surely that is God’s work! God does not want us to be miserable, so why not join us at the Olive Branch Christian Fellowship and learn about how great God is?

We meet every Sunday at 10.30am at the Social Centre on Camposol B. You are assured of a good welcome.

We are registered with the Free Methodist Church and have charitable status.

Any information you may require please ring Pastor Arthur Laws and Marge on 659 270 885