I have been looking at one of the local residents’ Facebook pages recently and it is so refreshing to see that when someone asks for help, no matter what it is, there is always someone who is able to oblige; usually without reward. This is what we Christians consider an ARK moment. An Act of Random Kindness.

This was mentioned by Jesus in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The story goes that a man was robbed, beaten and left for dead and was totally ignored by the kind of people that you would expect to stop and help. The only person who stopped was a Samaritan; not the most popular of people in that area. Not only that, but he transported him to the local Inn, had his wounds treated and left money enough to pay for his lodging. (This story can be read in Luke 10:25-37)

That was an Act of Random Kindness.

It would be a much better world, would it not, if everyone did an act of random kindness for their neighbour every day?

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