Find OAS on the back service road near Camposol A.

Juan and Yolanda have rescued a number of horses, donkeys, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits, all from dreadful situations. 

Dog of The Month

Introducing Greta! This lovely adult greyhound is both well behaved and affectionate. She was in the most dreadful condition and arrived at the sanctuary alone. 

We put food and water out for her in the hope that she would trust us and she did. The moment we opened the gate to get the car out, she slipped in and has been with us ever since. Greta is approximately 6 years old and can be visited at the sanctuary by appointment by calling one of the numbers above. It is clear that Greta has had puppies in the past and she will be spayed before she goes to her adopted home. Could you be that special person that Greta needs?

Sponsor An Animal

We would really like to see a new Sponsor Programme for our residents. Whether it be a horse, donkey, pig or chicken, we really love for sponsors to become part of our little family. A Sponsor can visit frequently and spend time with their chosen animal. If you have experience, (especially with equines), we would love to hear from you. There are many, many people here who have had horses in their lives previously and desperately miss the contact, so please do get in touch. Sponsorship can start from as little as €3 per month.


A quick and painless way of helping is to join our Teaming Programme. For just €1 per month, Teaming allows us to forecast our incoming revenue and highlight where we need to raise more, much, much more. Please consider Teaming and encourage your friends and family to do the same. €1 per month is nothing to us, but everything to the animals.

We now have 156 Teamers paying €1 per month which is truly fantastic. Some  would like to increase their monthly donation, but it is not easy to do. We are currently working on a solution for this and will report back our findings in future articles.

PLEASE, CAN YOU GIVE US A PAW? THANKS Drop by drop oceans are created. BIZUM 630734040

Bank account Openbank (Santander Bank)

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