Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte.  (Otto Animal Sanctuary). 

Find us on the old road near Camposol sector A

Contacts Juan and Yolanda.

Telephone number/WhatsApp 653 958 705

Registered Charity Number G02839298

Facebook Page: Santuario Animalista Otteando el Horizonte 

YouTube: Otteando el horizonte Santuario Animalista

Just a few minutes from Camposol sector A is OAS – Otto Animal Sanctuary. Juan and Yolanda have rescued a number of horses, donkeys, pigs, dogs, cats and rabbits, all from dreadful situations. 

Now a legally registered charity, they are able to ask the public for financial help as the running costs are simply enormous.

There are a number of ways in which you can assist.

Teaming Fund Raising

SUPPORT US FOR ONLY € 1 PER MONTH:–ZY21mmpSLJMmpeX8byq0RFeQww_6VU#teamersBox

We now have 150 teamers which is a guaranteed €150.00 per month but we still need more!


BIZUM 630734040

Bank account Openbank (Santander Bank):

*IBAN*: ES16 0073 0100 5605 0611 6294 


Sponsor an animal

If you would like to “get up close and personal” to one of our residents then please consider becoming a sponsor. Our sponsors can come and groom and pet their animals, maybe take them for a walk, or just spend quality time with them. From just €2 to help a chicken to €20 per month to help one of our horses, they will all be delighted to see you. Contact Yolanda for more information.



We love to have visitors at weekends so please pop along to see us, we will be delighted to see you.

Rescue of the month

Teddy is such a fighter. He is only a few months old, and he already knows what “abandon” means and what it is to have to live on the streets.  We were informed about this dear, sweet puppy who was discarded like a piece of rubbish. Despite the cold, hungry and thirsty, he will still not allow us to catch him.  He is very smart but as yet, has not been brave enough to enter our “trap cage”. Slowly but surely, he is gaining our trust as we are putting out food and water for him. We are sure that he will be in need of a foster home very soon. Could you be that special person? 

Please contact Yolanda on the above number if you can help us and if not please let others know about poor Teddy’s plight, he is certainly big and beautiful thank you.