This month’s message may displease some Camposol individuals and for this, no apologies are made. The purpose of this message is to praise the majority of Camposol residents, whose cooperation and support is greatly valued and always appreciated.


There seems to be no end to the COVID-19 situation and at this moment in time a return to normality seems to be unattainable. However, the resilience of the human race will prevail and we will return to a NEW normality, so long as we continue to act responsibly and abide by the restrictions imposed at municipal, regional and national level. Healthy people who ignore the restrictions imposed by the authorities, are not acting coherently and should be avoided at all costs, as they are not worth the time and concern of responsible members of the public.


As a result of a large number of vehicles seen ignoring the ‘no-left-turn’ sign in Calle Jara located just before the entrance to the Consum car park, a continuous white line along this stretch of road was painted by the Police, in order to discourage irresponsible and/or incompetent drivers from committing further traffic offences. Apparently, vehicles are still seen turning left into the car park and your Councillor for Camposol may be forced to seek the Police attendance for dealing with such childish and stupidly defiant attitude, although she is reluctant to jeopardize the Police attendance to serious incidences, for the sake of illiterate individuals who continue to break the law endangering the safety of others. The short drive to the roundabout and back will contribute greatly to the image of law-abiding citizens who live in this great urbanization.


The admirable efforts of a very large number of residents in complying with the guidelines for disposing of old furniture and using ALL the rubbish bins for the disposal of household waste (not just those with the lid open, thus causing some to overflow whilst others are completely empty), is being undermined by the unsociable and disgusting behaviour of a small minority who choose to break all laws of living in a civilised society. With regards to the excessive amount of garden waste in Camposol, due to the large amount of trees and shrubs requiring attention, efforts are being made to alleviate, if not eliminate, the problem.


The unexpected illegalities discovered whilst examining the condition of the street lights throughout the public areas of the urbanization are seriously delaying the plans of this Council to resolve, step-by-step, this long-standing problem. Total lack of maintenance since their installation has resulted in irreparable damages which only new installations can resolve. Every fault reported is attended to by the caring and competent team of Council’s electricians, sometime with unsuccessful results. Any insulting or abusive language addressed at the Council workers, or at your Councillor, is not conducive to a reciprocally respectful working relationship which this Council is striving to achieve.

Your Councillor is working with the most receptive Council that Camposol has had in the last 20 years. With unity, trust, cooperation and understanding, Camposol WILL become the jewel in the Municipality crown.

Take care, stay safe and reach out for your Councillor whenever you feel that she can be of assistance, at