In spite of substantial overspending by the outgoing Council, (in some departments surpassing the whole year’s budget in less than 6 months), the new Mayor, Gaspar Miras, is making inroads into some of Camposol’s problems with the constrained resources he has at hand. 

His team of enthusiastic and dedicated Councillors has been working throughout July and August to ensure the safe use of the beaches in our municipality, as well as attending the many performances arranged by organizations, associations, colleges and clubs; not forgetting the various church celebrations and processions.

With the onset of Autumn, the priorities and responsibilities will vary, each month bringing its own challenges. The Mayor of Mazarrón has expressed the wish to meet personally the associations and groups who contribute to making our community safe, enjoyable and interesting. Such meetings can be arranged through your Councillor, Silvana, who can be contacted on 

Although it is well known that the solution to many of the problems in Camposol will not happen overnight, there has been a definite indication of things happening, such as the repair of dangerous potholes in most parts of the urbanization and a list of the remaining ones is being compiled for the Councillor for Services who will visit the area/s in the near future in order to prioritise the work. Of course, the much needed total completion of public roads remains a priority which hopefully can be addressed in 2020. 

With regards to the repair of street lights; many of the reported cases have been resolved and the work will continue until all street lights in public roads are working. The Mayor is planning to visit Camposol at night-time sometime in September to evaluate the extent of the problem.

Recently the Town Hall Environmental teams have been fumigating the underground passages through the manholes to help eliminate possible cockroach infestation and the street cleaning teams have also been working in Camposol.

The Councillor for Camposol and International Relations, Silvana Buxton, together with the Head of the ‘Protección Civil’ and the Councillor for Health and Safety, are in the process of addressing issues of concern, in order to maximise the safety and security of all. Visits to other foreign communities in the municipality are planned in the near future. 

At the time of going to press, Silvana is looking forward to meeting the Consul of Equador on 17th August and is eagerly awaiting the visit from the British Council planned for late September.

Your Councillor will endeavour to be available at the Social Centre, Camposol B on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-1pm.  

Any issue of concern can be reported in one of the following three ways:

Your Camposol Councillor contactable on 

Directly to the Town Hall, with a Service Request Form (solicitud 001) written in Spanish

Via the Green Line app. ‘LINEA VERDE’, which can easily be downloaded on your mobile.