Good News For Camposol

Victory At Last!

After 10 or more years of court proceedings and appeals, Mazarrón Council has received nearly 3 million euros (2,914,474.28) in bank bonds, lodged by the developer, for the completion of the urbanisation. The funds can only be spent on Camposol as per the court ruling which was reported by the Councillor for Camposol Silvana Buxton who stated: “After constant tracking through public court records and witnessing a very long struggle through the courts, the news that 2.9 million euros have finally been awarded to Camposol is great news and although the amount will not solve all Camposol’s problems, it will make a big difference. We will of course have to be careful how and where the funds are used as the court parameters are well defined, specifying the work identified in the guarantees and technical reports. At the moment the Council’s legal and technical departments are going through the documentation and further announcements will be made as information becomes available”.

Another item of good news for Camposol is that Mazarrón Council approved funding for asphalting part of the Camposol dual carriageway.  At the Council Pleno (full meeting) on Tuesday 31st August 2021 funding of 808,000€ was approved for the asphalting and improvement of the section of Avenida de los Covachos running through Sectors C & D of the urbanisation.

Initial enquiries indicate that funding for the works will not be part of the 2.9 million euros received through court proceedings in July as mentioned above. The funds will be part of a PSOE/UIDM package of improvements to infrastructure, services and historic buildings throughout the municipality. The 9.8 million euro package was proposed as a Credit Modification including 23 projects, by Councillor for Urbanismo, Gines Campillo, who outlined the various plans and benefits. Mazarrón Mayor, Gaspar Miras explained that the goal is to improve the infrastructure and services and enhance the municipality’s image as a destination. He added that the planned investment block consisting of 23 projects will take place by the end of 2022, although some of the works, foreseeably, “will take a little longer”.

Warmest congratulations are in order to the newly created Camposol Business Association (Asociación Empresarial Camposol) in Camposol B.  The association has been formed initially to maintain and clean the pedestrian area and car park which was originally Grupo MASA’s responsibility, but this has not transpired.  At the time of writing around 20 businesses have already joined the initiative and it is hoped more will follow and the association’s activities can be extended to promoting B Sector Commercial Centre.

Finally, congratulations to Age Concern on the opening of their new Social Centre in Avda Covachos T-2b, Camposol C.  Proudly opening the Centre was the Age Concern President Isabel Stewart, with her assistants, who welcomed quite a number of residents with drinks and nibbles. The inauguration took place on Monday 6th September and it was attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, the Councillor for Camposol and International Relations, Silvana Buxton, the Councillor for Urbanismo, Gines Campillo and the Councillor for Tourism, Raquel Raja.

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