The new Government has now been in office for 3 months and with total disregard for the ‘100 days settling-in’ period, the new team of Councillors has undertaken with outstanding enthusiasm, stamina and hands-on approach, the enormous amount of work and new responsibilities allocated to each one of them.

The residents of Camposol continue to see slow but consistent improvements around the urbanization. There is more Police presence and their response time is prompt, efficient and reassuring.  The Mayor, Gaspar Miras Lorente, continues to meet residents, groups and associations, either at the Town Hall or in Camposol.

Silvana’s priority at this time of year, was to keep her constituents informed of the emergency procedures to adopt when the gota fría hit the region on 12th & 13th September. Her messages through social media and the various associations were followed by an extensive driving tour around the whole urbanization of the Chief of the Proteccion Civil Pedro Arías, and the Councillor for Services Tomás Ureña Aznar. The Mayor of Mazarrón also visited Camposol on his way home from Madrid, at 10pm on the Thursday. Fortunately Camposol did not suffer any serious damage, but on Friday several street sweeper machines were seen around Camposol clearing the mud and debris left by the storm.

Repairs to the Medical Centre and the Social Centre are now completed, but a watchful eye is kept on both premises to address issues as they arise. However, users of both centres are urged to exercise care and consideration in order to minimise any damages and possible injuries. 

Several projects are being undertaken with the assistance of residents. A completed report for the replacement of broken/damaged refuse bins was presented to the contractors on September 4th. Silvana will keep a tag on its progress. Other issues being addressed include the repairs of dangerous potholes (ongoing) and the proposal for the repainting of street markings. 

With the excellent and unprecedented news that Camposol will have its own ‘budget’ in 2020, a meeting was held on 4th September, when residents, groups and associations were invited to submit proposals which can benefit the urbanization. These will be prioritized by the Councillor for Camposol and submitted for approval in due course.

For information; a ‘budget’ is not a monetary handout; it is a forecast of operating and repair costs for the year in question. 

On the social side, the Mayor will be presiding an informal get-together on 21st October, at 11am at Mariano’s, Camposol, with drinks and nibbles. Everybody is welcome, but for catering purposes, you are kindly requested to notify Sue Tinkler on if you wish to join us.

Finally, you are reminded that any issue of concern can be reported to your Councillor at, or by submitting a ‘Solicitud 001’ in Spanish directly to the Town Hall, or via the Green Line app. ‘LINEA VERDE’ which can easily be downloaded on your mobile and can be submitted in English.

Silvana Buxton, 

Councillor for Camposol and International Relations