Brexit is nearly one year old and it continues to affect the lives of many British Nationals who chose to make Spain their forever home. More rules and regulations affecting non-EU members are implemented regularly, so it is advisable to keep up to date with the change by consulting regularly the UK Government website ( as well as other means of communications.

Another issue just as important to home-owners of Camposol, is the increasingly frequent mention of ‘private and public roads’ and the words ‘Community of Owners’ – a nearly-total ‘taboo’ subject in some quarters, but it is the law nevertheless and whether the house-owner was informed or not at the moment of purchase, the Escritura (Deeds) she/he signed specifies the percentage contribution to the costs of the ‘Community of Owners’ in the ‘polígono’ where their home is situated.

For clarification, a ‘polígono’ comprises all the properties within the same letter and number, ie: D7, C15, B20 etc. The roads around each ‘polígono’ are public and those within the ‘polígono’ are internal/private.

Information meetings on the issue of ‘Community of Owners’ are planned for the near future to dispel the grossly incorrect belief that the internal roads are the responsibility of the Council until the whole urbanisation is finished. The following notice, compiled by the Town Council’s Lawyer and published by Mazarrón Council, explains the Council’s legal situation with regard to the internal roads situated within each ‘polígono’. The internal roads, communal elements and installations became the responsibility of the (potential) homeowners when the first homeowner on each ‘polígono’ took possession of their property from the developer. 

Information Notice – Mazarrón Town Hall – To The Owners Of Private Properties In The Urbanization Of Camposol

The ‘Polígonos/Manzanas’ in the Camposol Urbanization are private, complying with the Horizontal Property Act 1960 and as registered with the Local and Regional archives. It is therefore the responsibility of the owner/s of the properties therein, or where appropriate of the ‘Community of Owners’, to deal with the maintenance, the cleaning and the conservation of the common areas corresponding to each ‘polígono’.  Likewise, the owner/s, or the ‘Community of Owners’, are responsible for any damage or harm that may be caused to a third party within the area in question.

More information can be obtained from the ‘Catastro’ website, which will also show the individual percentage pro rata per each plot.

Concluding On A Festive Note

Preparations for the Children’s Christmas Gift Appeal on behalf of Cáritas Charity are well underway.  Last year’s appeal made over 100 disadvantaged children very happy when they received Father Christmas’ parcel full of gifts. Boys and girls of 3 age groups: 3-6 years; 7-11 years; 12+ will receive a parcel containing one item from each of the following groups:

For Warmth: Matching hat and scarf, gloves, socks.

Health & Hygiene: Tooth brush, tooth paste, bar of soap (no liquids please), sponge, comb, hairbrush.

Educational: Colouring pencils, exercise/colouring books, Spanish reading books, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener.

For Fun: Toys: doll, cars, puzzles, balls, skipping ropes, sweets, jewellery.

Donations can be left at the Social Centre, Camposol B on Mondays and Wednesdays 10am-12pm.

Your Councillor, Silvana Buxton, can be contacted on: