Information and News From Silvana, Your Councillor

On 24th September members from the British Consulate had a very interesting and fruitful meeting with the Mayor of Mazarrón. In addition, the following information was provided with regards to the ‘TIE’ Card:

The TIE Card will replace the green residency card or certificate. TIE stands for Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (Foreigner’s Identity Card).

At the time of going to press, the British Consulate’s understanding was that once the UK leaves the European Union, those who are already residents in Spain will be sent an appointment by ‘Extranjería’ (Foreign Residents’ Office) to change their cards or certificates over to the TIE Cards. Those who are not resident in Spain will apply for the TIE card instead of the residency card or certificate. You are advised to register on the following British Consulate website, which is updated on a regular basis and will send email alerts:

During the second half of September, several businesses and voluntary associations were visited by our Mayor and some of the Councillors.  The Council team were amazed at the Camposol spirit of unity, generosity, compassion and cheerful disposition within our community.

The Social Centre continues to undergo changes and improvements in order to provide total safety for its users. An additional fire extinguisher was provided by the ‘Protección Civil’ and a defibrillator will soon be installed.

Other small changes and improvements are taking place throughout the urbanization:

Following a thorough study and a report presented to the contractors concerned, the damaged green refuse bins are gradually being replaced and labels/notices provided.

A new glass-recycling container was placed in the parking area by the Post Office in Camposol B.

A new bin for paper and cartons was placed by the Pharmacy in Camposol A.

A recent tour around the whole urbanization from the environment team with their mosquito-cannon-spray greatly reduced the presence of these annoying insects.

On 1st October Camposol welcomed its very own Police Patrol who were introduced to the residents by our Councillor at an informal gathering at the Social Centre on 16th October. Other such like gatherings are planned for the future. The cooperation of the whole community is greatly appreciated in assisting our Police to make Camposol safe and crime-free. All residents are invited to be watchful and report to either the Police or to your Councillor at (in strict confidence) any sighting of squatters, vandalism, arson, fly-tipping, disturbance, excessive noise and suspect vehicles driving recklessly and demolishing our precious (albeit light-less for the moment) lamp-posts.

For safety reasons C/Aljibe in Camposol C is temporarily closed due to subsidence of the road. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Residents are also asked to watch out for vehicles dumping excessive garden waste, building material and spoils of pools under constructions. With regards to unwanted furniture or electrical goods, a message to your Councillor asking for collection by a Council lorry will ensure prompt(ish) response and the resulting cleaner Camposol will reflect the true image of its caring and considerate residents.