The growing number of ABANDONED PROPERTIES in Camposol is a problem which can easily be prevented if the house-owners adopt some basic measures. Neither the Council nor the Guardia Civil (after initial 48 hours) have the powers or the authority to intervene in cases where the owner/s have died, where squatters have entered the premises, where burglaries have taken place, or where the condition of the abandoned house affects the adjoining properties.

It is imperative that the house-owner/s make provisions when leaving their home unoccupied for a period of time.  A lawyer can advise on how best to protect your unoccupied property, possibly by giving POWER OF ATTORNEY to a neighbour or to a legal representative, so that s/he can act on your behalf if needed.

Equally important is the writing of a SPANISH WILL which will ease the administrative burden on the beneficiaries of the estate. Again, the advice of a lawyer is highly recommended.

If the abandoned property is part of a COMMUNITY OF OWNERS then the Administrator has a number of options which can be put in place and it would be wise to seek their advice. 

At this point it is worth pointing out that, contrary to information posted on social media, the Council has no input, interest or authority to force residents into activating their Community of Owners, this can only be done by the residents of each polígono.  Failure to do so means that they are not complying with the LAW OF HORIZONTAL PROPERTIES and are not protected by the usual insurance policy taken out by their COMMUNITY OF OWNERS. The residents of Camposol are strongly advised to ignore the rubbish posted on social-media and acquaint themselves with the situation of their property, clearly detailed in the ESCRITURA (Deeds) that they signed at the time of purchase.

On another topic, British nationals are reminded to check regularly the Government website ( for any changes or updates affecting their status of foreign residents, since the introduction of BREXIT on the 1st January 2021.

On a final note, your Councillor is happy to report that the long-awaited repairs to the bridge between sectors B and C, which crosses the rambla, are finally taking place and may be completed by the time this article goes to press. This is due to the insistence and perseverance of your Councillor in pursuing the matter with the appropriate Council Officials, and the recent, successful intervention of the Camposol Business Association in an endeavour to expedite the works.  

Regretfully, untrue information was again posted on social media, where great concern was expressed with regards to the condition of the bridge, but no contact was made with the Council in order to ascertain the progress of the lengthy administrative process legally required when dealing with the expenditure of taxpayers’ money. It is called ACCOUNTABILITY, and all Councils across the land are legally duty-bound to adopt. 

Following a spate of untrue and possibly damaging information posted on social media, your Councillor invites you to contact her directly by email if you wish to verify the correctness of any information that you may read.