The most awaited dates, at present, seem to be 9th May, when COVID-19 restrictions should be lifted in Spain and 17th May when the restrictions should be lifted in the UK, according to the leaders of our countries.  In the meantime, however, every precaution should be taken to avoid the very serious risk of contracting the virus, by abiding to the restrictions which are updated regularly and by keeping away from those selfish individuals who prefer to flaunt the safety measures which are put in place to save lives.

With this in mind, the Regional Authorities have been organizing mass vaccinations since mid-April, in order of age-group. In Mazarrón the vaccinations have been taking place at the Sports Centre in Calle de Los Santo Tomás, 30870 Mazarrón (tel 968 591 852). The feedback from residents who attended the centre and received their first jab has been very positive and apart from the occasional hiccup, the programme seems to be reaching everybody in the municipality. 

At the time of writing, the National Ministry of Health was studying the possibility of imposing a ban on smoking on the terraces of bars and restaurants, whatever the circumstances and regardless of safety distance precautions.  Whether this was passed or not, people are urged to take notice of the following warning, published recently in a local newspaper:

“The Ministry has affirmed that smoking emits aerosols that can carry the virus, with the possibility of infecting those people who are sitting at other tables, even if they are more than two metres away.” Food for thought!

The month of April saw the sad passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip and the following message of Condolence was forwarded by the Councillor for Camposol: 

“Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Camposol gratefully received hundreds of face masks made by the volunteers of Cáritas, a strong relationship was forged between this charity organisation and the people of Camposol and surrounding areas. Following the sad loss of Prince Philip a few days ago, the President of the local branch of Cáritas, who is also the Vicar of San José Church in the Port, sent this message:

“Having heard of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh and knowing how important the Royal Family is to the British Community, I wish to express my sincere condolences to the British people, at this very sad moment. I am a great admirer of the Royal Family, especially of Queen Elizabeth II, for her invaluable contribution in British history and to humanity throughout the world.

The Royal Family, and in particular Prince Philip will be in my prayers and I will ask God to keep his soul. Although the Duke of Edinburgh was considered by some a controversial figure, he was a fundamental pillar of strength for Her Majesty the Queen and therefore for the whole population of the United Kingdom.”

Your Councillor, Silvana, is normally available by appointment at the Social Centre, Camposol B, on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10am and 12 noon.

She can be contacted on