This month’s article contains useful information for British nationals in Spain, and an update on local plans.

The deadline for the implementation of BREXIT was the 31st December 2021, and exit from the European Union means that many changes are taking place in the most unexpected circumstances, such as, for example, being charged for receiving mail from the UK.  A perfectly legitimate and full explanation can be found on the Correos (State-run postal service in Spain) website. The staff at our local Post Office are simply complying with the directive as dictated by the rules for non-EU deliveries. 

One of the issues being negotiated at present between the UK Government and Moncloa (the Spanish Government) is the possibility of residents being able to exchange their UK driving licence for a Spanish one without taking a test. Updates on this and many other issues of interest to UK nationals living in Spain will appear on the page.

The Spanish Authorities strongly advise British nationals to exchange their green residency card for the TIE card (Tarjeta Identificación Extranjera = Card of Foreign Identification), although it is not mandatory at present. The TIE card follows the model established at European level, and it has many advantages, such as:

It contains biometric information, therefore it is more difficult to fake,

It is clear evidence of your immigration status,

It explicitly recognises your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement,

It should ensure you don’t get your passport stamped incorrectly

and from a practical point of view, it is more durable and it can fit easily into a wallet or a purse. Further information on how to exchange the residency card for a TIE card or for first-time  residency applications can be found on

The latest information on COVID restrictions can be found on

Information on how to access healthcare in Spain can be obtained by writing to

Good news closer to home: Despite the Municipal Partido Popular (PP Party) attempt to block last year’s Budget modification which consists of 25 items of improvements to the Mazarrón municipality, Mazarrón Council have put out to tender through the National Government Contracting Platform the contract for architectural plans and assessments to be drawn up for major road works in the municipality which include the asphalting and improvements of Avenida de los Covachos in sectors C & D of the Camposol urbanisation. 

The project for the above mentioned works in Avda Covachos will cost 19.191,09 (€23.221,22 incl. IVA) and the deadline for the submission of tenders was February 16th.  The company awarded the preparation of the project are to complete it in 2 months and this will form the blueprint for the next step in the procedure which is putting out to tender the actual construction work at a projected cost in excess of €800,000.  This lengthy process is part of the legal system that all major contracts must follow and is similar in most countries.

Your Councillor Silvana Buxton can be contacted on