This month’s message from your Councillor will concentrate on important feedback on pressing matters and useful information.

One of the most important concerns as a result of ‘BREXIT’ must surely relate to the validity/expiry date of UK passports. Extensive information can be found on the British Consulate website, but it may be worth highlighting that your passport is valid for 10 years from the ‘passport issue’ date, and NOT from the ‘expiry date’, not forgetting that any type of travel must be completed 6 months before such date.  

At the end of January the replacement of all damaged refuse collection bins was completed. Special thanks to the ‘helpers’ from each sector who assisted in compiling the ‘damaged bins’ list.

A few days ago the re-painting of road markings began with bright new pedestrian crossings in C/Jara, opposite Consum. At the time of going to press, further re-painting locations are planned.

In the past month there have been unexpected and unpleasant instances where the street lighting, which had been on for years, was suddenly switched off.  This matter is being investigated by the Council, with a view to providing a permanent solution to the problem. However, in order to silence misinformation and malicious gossip, readers are assured that the sudden switching-off of street lights is NOT a Council initiative.

Another issue of concern expressed on social media seems to have been the intervention, or lack of it, of water companies in the repairs of water leaks reported by residents. Clarifications and guidelines are being sought so that accurate information is available.

On the other hand, clear guidelines are available for the civilised disposal of furniture, rather than it being dumped by the dustbins without specific arrangements with the Collection Team.  The Council provide a free collection service, Monday to Friday from 6am-1pm. 

Residents wishing to dispose of any type of bulky furniture, should write (in Spanish or in English) to the Council’s Helpline LINEA VERDE (which is an easy to download app. on your mobile phone).

Please specify:

• The full address (name of road and house number), as well as the sector number (ie: B12, C26 etc.) together with a photo, if possible, or the bins location where the item is to be found.

• On the AVISOS (subject) space, enter: RECOGIDA DE MUEBLES Y ENSERES (Collection of furniture).

• The item/s for disposal, should be left outside your house (or by the agreed bins location), late the previous evening and it should be collected the following morning. Should you encounter any problems, please let your Councillor know on 

Dates to remember:

The next radio interview with your Councillor will take place on Monday 16th March, at 3pm. Ruma, at the Costa Cálida Radio station will be happy to receive questions.

The next ‘Open Doors’ meeting will take place on Saturday 7th March, at 11am at the Social Centre, Camposol B. Everybody is welcome to this informal get-together where the residents can exchange comments, views and suggestions and where your Councillor will endeavour to answer any questions of concern.

Thank you for contributing to making and keeping CAMPOSOL clean and safe for all.  Enjoy the arrival of Spring.