Law Enforcement 

Following official and unofficial reports of domestic burglaries, ATM raids, driving infringements and other misdemeanours, it has been suggested that the Local Police and Guardia Civil should patrol Camposol more frequently.   While this would be desirable, it is unfortunately one of the problems of living in a semi-rural municipality; the Guardia Civil’s primary function is to investigate reported crime (apart from the Guardia Tráfico who stay mainly on the regional motorways) and it is the Policia Local who carry out routine patrols.

Currently Mazarrón Municipality has 24 Local Police officers, putting aside sickness, holidays, pandemics etc. If they work 8 hour shifts it would mean that on average only 8 are on duty at any given time. By necessity they work in pairs, so only 4 patrols will be available to cover 318.7sq km and a resident population of over 35,000 which virtually doubles in the holiday season.  Obviously patrol areas are prioritised according to reported crime figures, also taking into consideration severity and emergency calls. Unfortunately, although a lot of people on Camposol complain to each other about crimes and infringements, only a fraction actually report them to 112, so Camposol is classed as a relatively low crime area with the corresponding priority.  At the time of writing, Mazarrón Council have a recruitment drive for 8 more patrol officers and have considered 424 applications, but the successful 8 will have to attend the Academy for 2 years before they can perform their duties.

There also seems to be a problem involving the reporting of home burglaries where the owner is not a permanent resident and hence cannot complete a crime report or denuncia as they are in another country.  Although this is a problem, it can be overcome if the homeowner appoints Power of Attorney to a trusted neighbour, key-holder, solicitor, or adviser who could report any break-in on the owners’ behalf. This could also include the incursion of squatters.

It is also common on Spanish urbanisations where Community of Owners are in operation, that private security is utilised to varying degrees as can be seen locally to a lesser extent on the Mazarrón Country Club and to a greater extent on the Condado de Alhama urbanisation.

Furniture and Large Item Disposal

It has been brought to the attention of Mazarrón Council by the manager of the refuse collection agency that deals with furniture and large item disposal, that items are being left at times not in line with the arrangements published and to greater concern, thrown and strewn over large areas, (see picture taken by refuse collection manager), making collections more difficult and time-consuming and can even involve specialised vehicles.  It also creates a habitat for vermin, not to mention the impression it gives to visitors to the urbanisation.  To avert the Camposol collection service being stopped, which would mean trips to the Ecoparc or paid-for collection, would users please adhere to the simple rules of only leaving items on the last day or 15th of the month and also to stack or arrange items in an orderly fashion ready for collection. 

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