Silvana Buxton – Councillor for Camposol and International Relations

The official ending of the 3-month-long lockdown and the arrival of summer, with the re-opening of the beaches, signals the return to a ‘new normality’, albeit maintaining some safety measures for a little longer,  such as the use of face-masks and the keeping of social distance wherever possible.

The Mayor’s office wishes to congratulate the residents of Camposol on their excellent response to the restrictions imposed during lock-down. Deepest sympathies are sent to those families who lost loved ones to the devastating effect of the Coronavirus and a warm message of optimism and encouragement is sent to all businesses for a speedy return to normality.

Projects shelved at the onset of the pandemic can be revived and in Camposol, the tidy-up campaign is continuing. Fly-tipping offenders are being apprehended and any suspicion of squatters entering empty premises is reported without hesitation. Our police patrol, although not constantly present in Camposol, is very active throughout the urbanization and respond promptly to justified calls.

What else is new in Camposol?

• A NO-LEFT-TURN sign was positioned some time ago across the road from the Consum carpark to help prevent blockage of the road by inconsiderate drivers.  A short drive downhill and a u-turn at the roundabout towards the entry of the Consum carpark will prevent the risk of a fine. Flaunting the yellow-box restriction (remember: do not enter the box until the exit is clear) may also incur a fine … drivers are being warned!

• The Refuse-Collection Team are now offering a new, regular service for people who need to dispose of old furniture etc and who are unable to take it to the eco-park.  A colourful A4-size poster is informing residents that on the 1st and 16th of each month (or the nearest day, if a bank-holiday) there will be a free collection. Residents are asked to put the item/s to be collected next to the nearest rubbish container the night before the due collection date.

• The Mosquito Spraying lorry has visited Camposol on three occasions during May and June. Most of the public streets and public areas such as the Commercial Centres in A and B, the Medical Centre and the Golf Club were treated.

• The Council’s contractors for Parks and Gardens have been trimming the palm trees in Avda Covachos. The new gardening contract, due to be finalised early next year, will include several public roads, green spaces and roundabouts.

• The Social Centre has been fitted with a new key-lock. Associations/Groups wishing to book the centre for regular use should contact Silvana on in order to be issued with a new key.

Hard work, investment, goodwill and a positive approach to the challenges of life will make Camposol the ideal place in the sun that welcomes residents and visitors to this wonderful part of the world.